Friday, 28 March 2008

Send your links in Direct Messages!

It's now possible to post new kula using Direct Messages on Twitter. The first 70 characters can be used as an introduction, after which you add the link. Or you can just post through the form above (although we may have to get rid of that at some point).

I've also reworked the copy on the project site. I want to try and keep it as simple as possible.

One confession - in the course of debugging stuff earlier I truncated a link posted by @geoffsays, and it ended up linking to amateur porn. Sorry Geoff. There was another tedious bug as well, which I've hacked my way around. Overall I'm loving the coding, especially working with Tommy's overall framework.

Got some WaterKula moo cards through today. They look pretty cool. I'll try and make it along to the Social Media Cafe next week if only to hand a few out and witter on about our hydro-powered (not-for-profit) cool stuff aggregator.


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