Monday, 24 March 2008

Even better Monday

Ok, so, I've been tinkering with Tommy's code all weekend. I bought Lola a big old box of Duplo on Saturday, so she's been getting busy with her 'bricks and blocks'. I'm sat here beside her knee-deep in someone else's PHP objects trying to build my way out of trouble. Nice parallels.

The upshot is it's running pretty sweetly. You can now post links and descriptions through a form on the project homepage. Each time a new WaterKula moment is generated we check to see if there's anything in the table of user-submitted links we can use. If it's empty we take from an imported list of the top stories on DIGG, updated at regular intervals.

At the moment it's being beta tested by just six of us, and for the foreseeable future we're going to keep the updates protected. The hope is to grow the beta test into a proud elite of wide-eyed link-pimps scouring the internet in search of the little known places where coolness grows wild. If you are such a being, or know of one, anyone can request to follow WaterKula at

All that's left in thisphase of the build is to set it up so that followers can post links using Direct Messages. There are loads of nice-to-have features I can think of now that I've looked through the Twitter API properly, but I know how easy it is to miss the boat when you distract yourself tying elegant knots in the mooring line. The priority now is to get this in front of some serious tweeters and see if it holds water.


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