Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

First day of the 4-day weekend. Tommy started playing around with the Twitter API this morning. By 3pm I was being tweeted on the hour every hour with one of DIGG's top links, shortened using our newly-registered domain.

I've just made the WaterKula updates private. Anybody wanting to try them out can request to do so by going to The plan is to use a testbed of known followers initially, just to check that it's working properly, and to build up a backlog of cool stuff.

I've also set up a project homepage at I've tried to describe WaterKula, and what we hope to do with it, as simply and pragmatically as possible. I've also built in a feed from this, the Waterkula blog.

The next step for Tommy is to start parsing in any Direct Messages we receive, and to strip out the linky goodness. We're stipulating that you can use up to the first eighty characters for the description, following which the link is displayed. We have to split each DM into two parts and wkurl the link, before adding details of the sender to the outgoing tweet.

My last job for today was to order up a box of WaterKula MOO minicards. I think £10 is an acceptable investment, beyond a couple of days time, to see if we can get this off the ground. Since deciding to go not-for-profit on this I've been looking at it differently, and now I'm even more eager to make it work.


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